On Video Art in Europe : Books

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On Video Art in Europe: Articles / Published in Journals

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On Video Art in Europe: Texts for catalogues

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On Video Art in Europe: On Artists

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On Video Art in Europe: Chronologies

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Alan Leonard Rees, Projecting Back: UK Film and Video Installation in the 1970s, 2009/2010

On Video Art in Europe:  Online archive

C3 / Online Video Art Catalogue, Hungary
Monoskop / on Video Art
Heure Exquise ! online Archive, France
New Media Encyclopedia

Muntadas / online Archive
Vasulka / online Archive

Theoretical and Historiographical Publications on Video Art

Ina Blom, The Autobiography of Video. The Life and Times of a Memory Technology, New York, Sternberg Press, 2016

Michael Goddard, Guerrila Networks: An Anarchaeology of 1970s Radical Media Ecologies, Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press, 2018

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On General History of Video Art

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Text Anthologies and Sources on Video Art

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